CCGs need to up their game and commission with innovation

This week the Custodes ears twitched at the news that CCGs could cut thousands of pounds off the costs of diagnostic tests.

Sadly I was disappointed to find out it was just about reduction in variation of costs of hospital labs.

To be honest any old bean counter could work out that there are too many labs in too many hospitals charging too much for basic tests.

I would hang my head in shame if my CCG felt that screwing costs out of the system in this way was a success.

What about point of care testing? What about point of care sampling? What about reduction in variation of test ordering? What about patient-initiated testing for long-term conditions?

Is it simply that CCGs do not know what could be done? Are we biding our time for a signal to revolt?

If  CCGs are to actually merit more than a paragraph in the history of the NHS they will need to up their game, commission with innovation. I know it’s not going to be easy, lets face it the NHS Commissioning Board and their local area teams are doing their best to ‘support’ CCGs into doing things their way.

Old Nicholson is still keen for grip, and if we are content with peanuts we will look like monkeys. Don’t be an accountant be a deviant!

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